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  • Calling All Designers, Realtors, and Expert Gift Givers

    Are you always on the hunt for the one of a kind gift? Something so unique you know it will forever be cherished. At Revampt, we pride ourselves on...
  • How to pick the correct wood type for your custom piece.

    We understand that starting a custom project can be overwhelming. To ensure your piece lasts a lifetime, we carefully select a wood type that align...
  • Custom Creations

    With high demand for unique items not seen in big box stores we often get asked about our custom capabilities. Usually we let our custom pieces speak for themselves but a little extra detail doesn’t hurt.  Check out these exciting and unique projects we have created in the past.
  • Q+A with founder Daniel Louis

    Meet owner, Daniel Louis, as he shares the inspiration, evolution and future of Cherry Creek boutique, Revampt Goods.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table Size

    Deciding on a new dining table can be more difficult than it sounds. Which one is right for your space? From rectangular to square, and even round – there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. When you think about the numerous factors to consider, this decision can be a tough one!