How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table Size

Deciding on a new dining table can be more difficult than it sounds. Which one is right for your space? From rectangular to square, and even round – there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. When you think about the numerous factors to consider, this decision can be a tough one! 
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1. Determining your needs and wants.

Do you need an extendable dining table? Do you have a certain style in mind?

At Revampt, we work with many talented designers and craftsmen, and are capable of answering any questions that you may have! We are happy to assist you in designing your custom piece, as well as determining what will work best in your home. Not only do we want your table to look great, but we want it to perfectly suit your needs and last for years and years.

What is the right size for your space?

The perfect size dining table is one that is proportionate to the room size, allowing you and your guests enough room to easily get up from their seats and comfortably walk around the table. Typically, 42-48” is plenty of space to leave between your table and walls. Make sure you don’t forget about any other furniture you may have in your dining room – such as a buffet, console or bar – there should also be enough room between these pieces and your dining table.

Don’t overcrowd your table! Remember that your guests will need about 2’ of eating space, this ensures that no one will be knocking their elbows while trying to enjoy a delicious meal! Of course, during larger events like holidays or the occasional dinner party, you may be able to squeeze in another seat or two! Don’t forget about dining benches – they’re a great way to accommodate plenty of folks, without the clutter of multiple chairs.

For small spaces...

Round tables are perfect for small spaces! They are the most simple design to fit into smaller dining areas, and because of the round shape you won’t have to worry about bumping into sharp corners! And no sharp corners means more guests to squeeze in as there are no edges to avoid. If you’re worried about legroom, pedestal bases are a great way to maximize that!

Another element to consider with round tables is size. As the size increases it can become difficult for guests to reach delicacies in the center – this is why we suggest Lazy Susans! Our talented craftsmen can construct a Lazy Susan as a permanent built-in feature of your custom round dining table. Revampt also sells locally hand-crafted Lazy Susans for use as-needed!Extendable Grey Washed Ash Dining Table with Round Steel Base - small.jpg

For a long, narrow dining space...

Rectangular tables work best in long, narrow dining spaces because they provide seating for a larger crowd, while maintaining the most room for traffic flow. If you are envisioning table size, remember to increase your table width if you are adding length – this will keep your dining table proportionate to the space. If you're looking to keep the size down, while having the capability of hosting a large dinner party, don't forget about extendable dining tables! 

For a wide, square dining space... 

A square dining table is ideal in a wide, square dining area! Much like round tables, square designs can make a warm meal feel even warmer since everyone is equally apart from one another. And mimicking the room shape around the table doesn’t hurt either! If you often have friends and family over, square tables with leaves can quickly change the shape and the guest count.


Chair size is another important thing to consider! As you learned, allowing each guest 2’ of dining space on the table is perfect. But make sure to remember this when shopping for chairs – avoid chairs that are too large or too small for your table shape and size.

To keep your dining table looking fresh and inviting, dining benches are a great solution! Benches take up less space and help to keep your beautiful table top as the focal point, rather than lots of busy chairs surrounding it! A dining bench is a fun way to seat little ones around the table, and allow for more friends and family to squeeze in during large gatherings! Another space saving feature of dining benches, is that they can easily be stashed beneath the table when not in use.

Now, it’s time to measure your room!

Once you’ve got the length and width of your dining area, subtract 42-48” from each side and there you’ve your table size. Check out the diagrams below to help you visualize the right table size for your guest count.

Time to order your custom dining table!

Now that you've decided on your table size, contact Revampt to get the ball rolling... Next, we will help design your custom dining table, then it's time to place your order. We can't wait to hear from you!