Custom Process

1. Describe your project

    It all starts with your vision. The more details you provide the better.

    • Dimension, Wood Tones, Use, Style, any reclaimed material preferences

    • Feel free to send us inspiration photos as well

    2. Quote and Deposit

    To start your custom piece with Revampt, we require a $150 design fee. The fee will cover a consultation, samples, and renderings. The design fee will be applied as a credit towards your piece. Once a 50% deposit is received, our local artisans will start crafting. Generally, lead time from the date of deposit is 6-8 weeks. If it is time sensitive, please be sure to express a shorter timeline upon initial contact with Revampt and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

    3. Sketch and Approval

    You will be provided with a 3D sketch for your approval. You are welcomed to make as many changes as necessary until you are 100% confident in your custom design.

    4. Project Completion

    Your remaining balance will be due upon project completion. Delivery is $95 within the Denver Metro area. Of course, pickup from our shop is free.

    Start thinking of your next project to undertake with Revampt!

    We cant wait to bring your vision to life.


    • How long does it take to make the furniture?

      • It typically takes 6 - 8 weeks to complete depending on the size and difficulty of the project

    • What do you require to get the project going?

      • We require 1/2 down to send the order to our artist. Upon completion, the remainder plus tax is due in order for you to take it home. 

    • Will my custom piece be made locally and from locally-sourced materials?

      • About 75% of our products are made in Colorado - a higher percentage of our custom furnishings are actually made right here in Denver. While we do work with an out of state craftsman, we can always make sure your custom piece is made here, if preferred. The majority of locally-made pieces are used with locally-sourced materials as well. 

    • Can you deliver to my home?

      • We can. If you live in the Denver metro, our minimum is $95. If you live further out, such as the mountains, we can give you a new estimate based on the gas mileage and distance. If you live out of state, we can still get your furniture to you by shipping it freight. We will need your zip code in order to give you a complete estimate.

    • I have my own wood- can you make the base for it?

      • We certainly can - please refer to our Look Book as inspiration for different styles we can do. If you send us dimensions and styles that you're interested in, we will get you a quote as soon as we can. Sometimes these projects can be completed faster than our typical 6 - 8 week lead time. 

    • I found a photo of something I really like- can you replicate it?

      • Often times we can but it truly depends on the complexity of the design. Also, there are designs specific to certain artists and it's not in our philosophy to reproduce their exact designs. In most cases, we can use that photo as inspiration but it's not always possible to replicate it completely. Please let us know what elements you like about that piece - wood type, overall style, materials? Because we use reclaimed wood, it's important to keep in mind that it's the imperfections within that wood that we embrace as our signature Revampt aesthetic. Function is always priority and we always want to bring you something that's heirloom-quality, tailored to your taste, and truly unique. 

    • I have a piece of furniture that I'd like refinished - can you guys do that?

      • One of our most common questions. The first thing to do is email us photos. Take a shot of the top, close-ups of the sides/edging, and underneath if possible. Many older pieces of furniture are actually made with a veneer (a thin layer of wood that's applied to an MDF core) and so it's impossible to sand down without taking off the layer of veneer. Sometimes we're able to have a new veneer applied but this is determined on a case by case basis. Keep in mind that pricing and timeline can be higher and longer than expected due to the level of damage of the piece and/or the amount of unique labor involved. Refinishing projects can't always be taken on as it depends on our artists/builders willingness to take on a project that they did not create themselves. The finishes are the hardest to match because we can't always tell what oils were applied by the original maker. 

    • How do I care for my furniture?

      • Wood is a natural material, which means you can expect it to shrink and swell with the seasons for its entire life. Cracks will happen. It is important to control the environment to the best of your ability. Make sure not to expose your custom item(s) to temperature and humidity extremes, or seasonal cracks will appear. Solid wood material will change color over time due to normal exposure to light. Direct and prolonged exposure to these elements can cause damage to your custom item(s) and is not indicative of a failure in workmanship by Revampt and its manufacturers. To preserve the stability of your custom item(s), proper care and maintenance is required. Please refer to this Care Packet for more detailed care instructions.