How to pick the correct wood type for your custom piece.

We understand that starting a custom project can be overwhelming. To ensure your piece lasts a lifetime, we carefully select a wood type that aligns with your aesthetic and usage. There are many different options available, all with their unique pros and cons. That’s why we’ve outlined a few key points in this blog to make this decision a little easier. 

What's the difference?
One of the biggest factors of creating a lasting piece is choosing your materials correctly. Many people don’t know there are significant differences between wood types and can often get confused without the proper information. We have broken down the basics below between these two to help you better understand where to start. 


Deciduous, broad leafed trees

Most drop their leaves

Higher density

More complex structure

Grows slower


Tend to be darker in color


Gymnosperm trees, do not shed their leaves

Classified as evergreens

Easier to work with

More sustainable 

More affordable 

Less recommended for high traffic areas

Tender to be lighter in color


Over the past decade the demand for reclaimed wood has dramatically increased. Many believe it to be a more eco-conscious option due to it already existing in a finished state. However, it is a common misconception that it must also be cheaper. By giving reclaimed wood a new life, you are helping cut down on the current rates of deforestation but be aware of the higher price tag. 

While there isn’t necessarily a years-long process to prepare the wood for its new use there is still some processing required. Take boxcar for instance, someone has to find a decommissioned car, deconstruct and pull up all the flooring and finish with things such as removing nails, sanding down rough edges, and resealing. With all of that you can get beautiful weathered and worn materials, just be aware that it will not be as uniform as new lumber. 

Popular Woods
We understand that everyone has a different approach to their custom projects. Some are looking for a more timeless piece while others really love the current trends. Our goal is to help you select materials that will not only meet those standards but maintain a high quality over time. The following wood types are some favorites that we have used for both newer and more classic pieces.

  • Walnut
  • White Oak
  • Ash
  • Beetle Kill Pine
  • Boxcar Oak 
  • Hickory
  • Elm

We hope this knowledge was helpful so you can confidently select the right wood for your next custom project. Our new in-home dining line, Revampt Local, was curated to make custom dining table design quick & simple, whereas our regular Custom process is used for all other projects. If you have further questions, give us a shout!