Q+A with founder Daniel Louis

1. How did you come up with the idea for Revampt?

Previous to Revampt in 2009 I worked with a Non Profit company through the University of Utah called "Design Build Bluff".  A group of architecture students each semester would break into pairs, and design a home for an impoverished Navajo family.  Once the designs were finalized one was chosen by jurors to actually be built.  The building process involved not heavy equipment, everything was done by hand.  Since it was a non profit the group had to think frugally to acquire materials that were architecturally sophisticated, but also inexpensive if not free.  "The Whitehorse" house used old gas piping and telephone poles for the foundation, it also included pallets, roofing tin, salvaged aluminum.  The plaster work was all done with clay found on the Reservation.
This project inspired me to find like minded artists who are practicing sustainability on a larger scale.  Of course not everyone desires a completely reclaimed home, but bringing in components is always on everyone's mind!  Revampts philosophy started and will always remain to focus locally, sustainably, and towards a reclaimed mindset.  

2.Do you feel your original mission still rings true? 
The original mission rings true 100%.  It has become even more powerful with the focus towards local craftspeople, the community behind Revampt helps keep all the pieces ever changing and unique.  If one person was doing all of this it would never be where it is now.
3. How has it evolved?
The biggest evolution was in sustainability.  At first we had a strict focus on Reclaimed.  As time went on, and reclaimed materials became more of a commodity, prices rose up dramatically.  In order to continue to have affordable, handmade furnishings we had to adapt.  To do so we found materials that were responsibly harvested and sustainable to help combat the influx of reclaimed prices.
4. Are you surprised by how Revampt had evolved over the years?
No.  The store will continue to evolve and I am ok with that, only if the motto is followed.  Local, Sustainable, Reclaimed will always keep Revampt moving forward.  Much like having revolving designs, artisans and ideas, we must also evolve with trends, clients needs, and the needs of our planet.
5. What upcoming project are you most excited about?
Revampt LOCAL.  I cannot wait to have this launched.  I have always had ideas about getting a Revampt line put together.  I love to create custom dining tables, so Revampt LOCAL will start with that.  The options will make the custom aspect we do so well much more simplified and easier for the customer.  We want our line to be affordable, unique, built quickly and with exemplary craftsmanship. Revampt LOCAL will be an outstanding offering to our clientele.
6. Where do you hope to see Revampt in the next 10 years?
Ten years really got Revampt cranking so far, but we are just at the tip of the iceberg.  I want to continue to only support the small teams and upcoming makers.  I want to continue to know each vendor through real face to face conversations.  I want to strengthen Revampt's community of creative people, because without them we wouldn't exist.  I know we will continue to find amazing materials to transform into functional art, although I cannot predict what the next big salvaged material will be. I want to be sure Revampt is always at the forefront of innovation, if that is through more salvaging efforts or expanding into other cities I am all for it.  Will there be more Revampt showrooms in the future?  To do so it must have the right environment and location, because the community harnesses its success, I would love to see more and see the adaptations of each showroom which coexists with the builders around it.