Introducing: Revampt Local


Why Revampt Local?

The idea for Revampt Local started when Revampt was just getting its footing. After 10 years of providing the Denver area with locally crafted furniture, it was time to streamline our most popular item, dining tables. Our Local line was curated by taking our most popular requests and turning them into an easy step-by-step process. 


We want our line to be affordable, unique, built quickly and with exemplary craftsmanship.” 

Design by Daniel Louis

What is Revampt Local?

Made with quality materials by local craftsmen, our options are carefully selected to fit the needs of most dining spaces. There are 4 sizes, 5 wood types, and 4 base & color options. With easy to choose selections you can create the perfect table for your needs. No need for long wait times like those pesky big-box stores either- our tables are complete within 4-6 weeks of ordering. 

How do you order your own Local table? 

There are two simple ways to place an order. 
1.Come into the shop, share your selection, and make a half down deposit.
2.Give us a call and have your selection & card information ready. 

Once your table is finished we grab the other half of your payment and any acquired delivery fees and you are good to go!

That’s why we made ordering the easiest part. If you want to know more you can download our information sheet here or stop by the store and check out samples and options in person. 

*Certain changes may incur a 10% upcharge

**If you don’t see the options you are looking for head to here to learn about our customs process

Hurry and order your table by October 1st and have it in time for Thanksgiving.

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