Your pet can also be green with Revampt

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Reusing, reducing and recycling is not for human beings only! There are many animals that make their contributions and recycle in nature as well. At Revampt, you can find many pieces of furniture and home decor that were made with recycled materials such as upcycled wood, tires, bicycle gears and more. Your pets can also find useful and cool things for them at our stores. Take a peek at some of the things we have had (or still have) in store for your pet

Green accessories for your pet

Dog collars from old ties

Now Fido gets to share your sense of style with these fun dog collars fashioned from discarded neckties. Dozens of sizes and styles to choose from. 100% machine washable. Price range: $19-$49

dog collars

And these are not dog exclusive!!!

Hamlet 's Tie Bora collar from Revampt!!

Pet beds made with old wine barrels and other upcycled woods


Dogbed Revampt

Remember, reusing and recycling is easy to do, even with your pets! Follow this simple tips to help your pets be even greener.

  • Reuse BPA-free plastic or aluminum containers for your pet’s food and water. They won’t notice the difference between this and store-bought!
  • Look for old balls and stuffed toys in the house instead of getting new ones. Again, your pet just wants to play with you, doesn’t matter what you use!
  • Save leashes and plastic cones to use in the future, or to lend to your friends. The less plastic we buy and consume the better!

Visit our stores at Cherry Creek and at Shops at Ninth, the latter is our newest store. We have many cool and unique things to give as gifts and for your house. Visit our site to browse some of the jewelry, watches, bags, and unique home decoration made in a greener and artsier way! Read more about the Importance of Recycling in Colorado and how some items made from recycled material can revolutionize lives.