Winter decor with natural materials

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One of our favorite seasons of the year is winter for sure. There is no other season in which you experiment such a unique and drastic scenery. Even though it is sometimes a bit of a hassle, snow covered roads and lawns are something we get to enjoy for some months only. Snow is very characteristic of our winter, as this is a phenomenon that doesn’t occur in every part of the world. To celebrate the beauty of winter, today we share with you some DIY projects to decor your home using natural materials to bring winter inside your home, as well.

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DIY Winter Decor Ideas

Using Pinecones

These little brown easy-to-get fellows are great to make many different things to decor your home. You can even make a wreath, paint it all white and leave it hanging from your door all winter. Wreaths are not made for Christmas only!terrarium ideas by Revampt

Terrariums or dioramas

Get a Mason jars or open glass container, and make a bed using some salt/sugar or moss. Add in small pinecones, in different sizes to contrast. Sprinkle silver glitter or more salt to make it a snowy terrarium. Put in other elements like dry leaves or small branches. This easy-to-make piece of art will make a beautiful addition to a coffee table or chimney sill.

Hanging pinecones

Using your favorite string, wrap or glue as many pinecones as you wish to make a cute winter hanging decoration. Add in ribbons or paper snowflakes and hang it from your door or across a window frame.


You can simply add in a bunch of pinecones to a big glass jar or cup to make a nice winter centerpiece. If you want something a little more elaborate, then start by adding white or blue marbles to the bottom of the container. Then, add the pinecones and to fill in the space between them throw small balls of wool or string, in matching colors.

Using Branches

Dry branches make great starting foundations to create beautiful indoor winter decorations. Use a glass container filled with white marbles or any other small balls to stick your branch in it. A simple branch with a few transparent ornaments hanging from it can be just enough. You can add your personal touch as you want: add white ribbon, cotton pieces, paper snowflakes, bead strings, anything you like!

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Living a green life and being conscious of our actions will help contribute to our environment and Planet. Use what you already have handy to add winter decor to your home. Read more about where to get green unique furniture in Denver and other unique accents for your home.