What’s the Difference Between Upcycling and Recycling

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The perfect example of upcycling: wood and wheels make an awesome table.

Revampt’s upcycled and recycled home furnishings

We have all heard the terms, upcycling, recycling, refurbished, refinished and reclaimed.   What do they all mean, what’s the difference and how can you incorporate these into your life? Revampt Goods has transformed the meaning of these words into something creative, artistic, unique and highly desirable in Denver. Revampt’s upcycled and recycled home furnishings have been individually selected for their unique re-purposed nature.  Check out what we have done and be inspired to create your own upcycled, recycled creations!

Revampt Wine bottle lightsUpcycling

The term upcycling has grown in increasing popularity over the past decade. Upcycling can be done without degrading the quality of the item and with very little waste or energy in the process. Upcycling is taking a product from its current state and turning it into something new. For example, taking glass bottles and transforming into a light fixture versus throwing them out, or taking a gas nozzle and turning it into a lamp are great examples of upcycling! Revampt has a few genius transformations to add to your home in the design department. Below are a few ideas to try your hand at upcycling at home!

  • Reuse toilet paper rolls to organize cords and cables
  • Turn old credit cards into guitar picks
  • Reuse ketchup bottles as a pancake or waffle batter squirter
  • Turn an old door into a coffee table or headboard
  • Use a six-pack cardboard crate as a condiment and utensil carrier for next picnic


RecyclingLaptop case from bicycle inner tubes

As Kermit the Frog once said, ‘ It isn’t easy being green’, however, it doesn’t have to be complicated! Recycling is the practice of taking an item and purposing it for reuse through the process of taking it back to its original form and transforming it into something new. Recycling requires the breaking down or destroying the product in order to create a new product. Recycling prolongs the life of an item, rather than throwing it away. For instance, you can recycle food in your home by starting a compost pile in your backyard. Use your compost to fertilize your garden. Another item that can be recycled are tires! Tires are terrible for landfills, check out what Revampt does with tires! Below are a few surprising items we bet you didn’t know you could recycle!

  • Bicycles
  • Carpet
  • Crayons
  • Cosmetics
  • Wine Corks

Check Out Revampt Good’s Recycled and Upcycled Items For Your Home!

Daniel Louis decided to take a different approach to the green revolution. Instead of focusing broadly on the ever increasing number of “eco-friendly” products, Daniel has chosen to focus on products made from resources already in existence. Our reclaimed home furnishings are individually selected for their utility, creativity, and unique re-purposed nature. Our incredible home products are fabricated from the most unsuspecting raw materials; bicycle wheels, sails, tires, dilapidated machinery, and more.  Check back soon for more details as we continue to hand pick these one-of-a-kind reclaimed goods!

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