What people are saying about Revampt Goods

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Revampt Goods, in Denver, offers reclaimed home furnishings and unique home decor items created with recycled and upcycled materials. We use some of the most unsuspecting raw materials such as bicycle wheels, bowling alley wood, dilapidated machinery and more. Our unique one-of-a-kind pieces make great gifts and add a touch of art to your home. Today, we share with you some of our customer’s reviews.

Just a few of our new favorite things! This Russian olive live edge accent table sits on repurposed legs and is waiting for a place to call home! This beautiful reclaimed orb light features a vintage Edison bulb. We've also got a variety of these geometric concrete planters, too! Come check it out! #reclaimed #repurposed #recycled #revampt #denver #colorado #buylocal #wood #furniture #lighting #planters #green

Customers reviews about our products and store

“My favorite item was the triangles on the wall… all of this stuff is old used things that has been remade into something new, “repurposed” as they say. They had wallets made out of old tires, tables made out of old floor from a bowling alley, lights made from old bottles, I could go on but you get it. Definitely something you don’t see every day. Go here for interesting / feelgood gifts for friends.” – Michell T.

“I liked this store. I think it’s a awesome concept that they sell recycled items which have been turned into decor or jewelry. If you’re into super unique items and are all about being green this place is definitely for you. ” – Audrey S.

“Here’s the truth: I wish I had enough money and enough space in my house so I could buy one of everything in this store. I’d probably give some away as gifts, too (maybe). It’s all made by local and localish artisans using reclaimed materials. And the creativity is endless: dining tables made with beetle kill pine, cafe tables made from an old bowling alley floor, rockers and Adirondack chairs made from salvaged wine barrels, side tables made from junkyard scraps, men’s wallets and dopp kits made from recycled bike inner tubes, drinking glasses made from repurposed beer bottles, etcetera, and so forth. You’ll find all kinds of eco-friendly furniture and home accessories at Revampt.” – Vicki P.

“I recently wandered into Revampt for the first time, and have to say I was so pleasantly surprised! Daniel and his staff were super friendly, very relatable, and answered all my questions about style/colors/feeling of decorations I was looking for… Tons of diverse, unique, urban, hipster awesomeness hidden inside! ” – Dave W.

Did you know that we are now featured in the @shopsat9thavenue? Here's a look at what our 1,000 square foot showroom in their space looks like! It features our very first #sofa design constructed from #mahogany #semitruck. There you'll also find a selection of #reclaimed #mantels, #barndoors, wall decor, #carhood furniture and SO much more! And don't forget, anything can be #customized. #repurposed #recycled #revampt #denver #buylocal #furniture #design #ecofriendly

Living a green life and being conscious of our actions will help contribute to our environment and Planet. When looking for green conscious furniture and items, visit Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek and at The Shops ob 9th Avenue. Take a look at our products and other custom made items.