Want to know what it takes to make an Upcycled Messenger Bag?

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Attila and Levente Magyar are upcycling magicians.

Take a look at this Youtube clip, it is so cool to see them at work. There is no longer an excuse not to purchase upcycled items. They create bags from cast off materials, such as PVC, canvas, tarpaulin, bicycle tyres, sails… you name it

Curious of all the things that went into the bag?

1. PVC tarpaulin lorry cover (black and yellow) 447069080_1280x720
2. Laminated sail (silver/ grey)
3. Acrylic marine coated canvas (black)
4. Acrylic awning uncoated canvas (black)
5. Kite surf sail (red and gold)
6. Clear window foil
7. Bike tube
8. Bike tyre
9. 1 1/2″ yellow webbing
10. 1 1/2″ plastic buckle from a sail
11. 2″ heavy duty sling
12. 2″ plastic O buckle
13. 2″ plastic 3 bar glide
14. Brass sail hook
15. 1″ webbing (black)
16. 1″ plastic buckle (2)
17. Thread (white, black and red)
18. Foam for padding
19. 1″ velcro
20. Organic jute label
21. Brass rivets (2)
22. #10 chunky zip
23. #10 zip runners (2)
24. #5 waterproof zip
25. #5 runner

(Taken from: The Digital Storyteller Bag by Mamukko)

We feel proud to see so many individuals starting to make a difference simply by making things they love, while making smart decisions to reduce waste and use items many consider no longer of use.

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