Upycle Your Old Magazines with These Projects!

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 Upcycle Project Idea with Revampt Goods!

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It’s coming to the end of another year.  That means cleaning out clutter that accumulated over the past 12 months, including those annual magazine subscriptions.  They are so helpful when you get them, but collecting dust in the corner is not the kind of help you need now.  Revampt Goods gives you a few DIY projects using those old magazines!  So, pull them out from the corner and upcycle them into something useful!

Tree Ornaments

Yep, you can turn old useless magazine pages into something that will last through the years, and even make it a family memory!  West Elm sells uniquely crafted rolled paper ornaments, which you can make yourself!  Find cookie cutters in the shape of Christmas ornaments, a tree, star, angel, etc..  Loop a piece of yarn around the top.  Find a website that teaches how to roll coils of magazine pages.  Make different sized coils of rolled magazine pages and glue to the inside of the ornament.  Glue the round pieces together, and glue them to the inside of the shapes.  Gather the family and you have a new family tradition for dressing the tree!

unique prints on dicionary pages RevamptButterfly Exhibited Art

Have you seen the popular framed pinned butterfly art displays?  Well, make your own, and it won’t require catching insects!  Remove some of the most colorful magazine pages and use a butterfly or other insect cutout to cut about 20 to 30, depending on how large your frame is.  One a blank piece of paper, the same size as your frame, mark a grid for where you want to place your butterflies.  Rows would be best, 5 across the top, 6 or 7 down the length.  This grid pattern will be your template.  Place that under a blank piece of heavyweight paper linen.  Attach the butterfly’s on the linen paper on the markings according to the grid.  Matte and frame and you have your own butterfly display!

A Wall Clock

Revampt Goods has several unique and unusual clocks we have made from recycled materials, such as bicycles and records.  Here’s another unique clock made from junk mail or catalog pages!  First, get a round wooden disk the size you would like your clock to be.  Now, take your magazine pages and fold them accordion style.  Glue these to the disk, with the center being the tightest end of the accordion folded pages and the looser ends on the outside edge.  You can spray it with a spray paint to unify the colors, or leave as is!  Next purchase clock hands and motor and attach the hands to the front of the clock, with the motor hidden in the back.

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