Upcycling Inspiration – Post 2: Alternative Uses for Ordinary Household Items

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This week’s blog post is dedicated to the odd and funky, yet fun and useful ways to upcycle ordinary household objects to create a new utility. Most of these ideas require little to no constructions – so those of us who weren’t born with a crafty gene need not worry! Like I said, there are just some fun ways to turn everyday household objects into newer things!


I LOVE this idea for a medium to large sized dog – the food and water are placed conviniently at their level! 


I’ve seen plenty of ladder shelves in my day.  But this is an actual ladder given a new purpose in someone’s home.



How many different ways can you think to use an old rusty rake?



Or a cheese grater? Just add some paint and it’s a beautiful jewlery holder!



And finally, my personal favorite – an old tennis ball! Key holder, pen holder, letter carrier – you name it!


As always, we’d love to hear you’re feedback! What are some ordinary household items that you have upcycled?

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