Upcycle Your Pumpkins Just in Time for Thanksgiving!

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upcycling pumpkinsBring the warm colors of fall into your home just in time for Thanksgiving.  Fill your home with a few beautiful and simple decorating ideas from Revampt Goods.  See what you can do to pumpkins to create your own unique holiday decor!

pumpkins on front stepFront Step Pumpkins

Pair a few multi colored pumpkins with potted kale to create a fall centerpiece on your front porch. Stack pumpkins on top of each other with larger pumpkins on the bottom.  Alternate pumpkins with kale on front steps.  Make a garland from clippings of greenery and hang over the door.

Tiny Pumpkins

For a quick and easy centerpiece in your home, group tiny pumpkins on a side table and let the pumpkins speak for themselves. Group an odd number of pumpkins together, but be sure that you have enough to fill a small space. It’s an unintentional, casual touch to bring fall indoors!

Pumpkins on Your Table

Transform mini pumpkins into individual candles by cutting a 1 inch wide circle into each pumpkin. Scoop out the centers with a spoon and insert votives. Line the pumpkins down the center of the table.

Polka Dots and Stripes

It’s amazing what a little gold metallic paint can do. Transform your pumpkins into that glamorous wow piece for your mantle of entry table.  Stick round labels on a pumpkin and trace the shape with a pencil. Remove the labels and paint inside the circles with gold paint. For another effect, apply labels on the pumpkin and spray in gold paint. Remove the labels when paint is dry.

Elegantly Etched Pumpkins

Leave an artful design on your pumpkin with a little etching. This technique will actually allow your pumpkin to last longer and isn’t as messy as carving. With a pencil draw the design you want to etch on the outside. Take a pairing knife and etch into the top quarter of an inch peeling away the top layer to reveal you creative masterpiece!

Fall and Holiday Decor Ideas

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