Upcycle- 15 Ways To Reuse Brown Paper Bags!

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Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek, Denver, takes a different approach to the green revolution. Instead of focusing on the ‘eco-friendly’ products, we choose to focus on products made from resources already in existence. Take for instance, the brown paper bag. See what incredible things can be made from this one resource. Also, see ways you can recycle for another purpose around the house! If you have a cabinet full of brown paper bags that you don’t want to throw away, pull them out! Revampt shows 15 ways to re- use them, which in turn, saves the trees!

 Save The Trees, or Bags!

  1. Wrapping Paper: Cut down one ide and cut out bottom. Remove handles. Wrap with the inside of the bag on the outside of the package. Paint or draw on it to embellish!
  2. Painting Cloth: Whether painting a piece of furniture, the walls, or just painting on the kitchen table with the kids, lay a cut bag down to catch drips or spills!
  3. Ripen Fruit: Place fruit that needs to ripen in a brown paper bag. Fold top down and leave overnight. The fruit will ripen quicker.
  4. Start a fire: Use brown paper bags as a fire starter in outdoor firepit or indoor fireplace.
  5. Garbage Can Liner: Trash inside a paper bag rather than plastic will allow it to deteriorate faster. Line your trash bags with paper bags and dump whole can in larger trash receptacle if concerned with spillage.
  6. Compost: Tear your bag into shreds and add to compost pile. The fibers help create good balance in the earth.
  7. Garden Liner: If you cut the bag and keep the bottom in tact, lay around plants to keep the weeds down. Place dirt over the top to cover the bag.
  8. Vegetable Storer: Place mushrooms and onions in a paper bag and place in refrigerator. The bag will help them keep fresh longer.
  9. Window Cleaner: Brown bags work just as well as paper towels to clean your windows. Cut a bag and crumple into a wad, use this to clean your windows!
  10. Wax removal: If you have a wax stain on upholstery or carpet, use the bag to remove it. Place bag over wax stain. Rub a warm iron over the top. The bag will absorb the wax and the stain will disappear!
  11. Windshield De-Icer: Place under your wipers on the windshield in snowy/ icy weather. In the morning, or after work, remove and no need to de-ice your windshield!
  12. De-Greasers: Laying cooked bacon or fried food on a bag will soak the excess oil. You can also lay freshly baked cookies on them as well.
  13. Dry Herbs: Wash plants, towel dry and place upside down in paper bag. Gather the end of the bag around the stems and tie it up. Poke a few holes for ventilation and store in a cool, dry place for 2 weeks.
  14. Store Wool Clothes: Wool, particularly sheep wool does not store well in plastic. Use your brown bags for this!
  15. Take Shopping! Why not take the extra bags you have back to the grocery store you received them from to use again!

Revampt Upcycled bags in Denver

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