Unique Handmade Gifts for Holiday Parties and Events

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Tis the season when the invitations for holiday parties are pouring in from near and far. And, at every holiday party, there is a holiday gift exchange, whether it’s a host gift or a holiday party game. It’s hard to be creative year after year when there are so many gifts to give. But panic not, for we make it easy to impress your friends, family, and colleagues with unique holiday gift ideas!

Unique gifts for holiday parties

Unique handcrafted host gifts for holiday parties.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Here at Revampt, everything is one of a kind. You can get everything from custom furniture to decorative accessories to adorn your home or your body. And, everything is made from recycled materials by local Colorado artists.

Everything from a cool wooden picture frame to a wine rack, or jewelry, purses, and watches to a unique birdhouse will make a great gift this holiday season. And, we’ve got cool things in every price range, so you can get something special without going over the allowed budget.

Unique Host Gifts for Holiday Parties

Instead of copying everyone else and bringing wine, candles, and flowers as a host gift, step outside of the box and get them a unique gift made from reclaimed materials. Our home accessories and fashion items can be unique, creative, and beautiful. They can be funny, clever, and silly. They can be practical or decorative. But, they are always handcrafted from repurposed materials.

Reclaimed Materials

Unique gifts for the holidays

Get gifts made from reclaimed materials and are inspired by Colorado.

Because everything is repurposed from reclaimed materials, when you get your gifts at Revampt you can be sure that no one else is going to be giving that same gift. And, you’ll have a great conversation piece at big holiday parties where everyone is supposed to bring one.

There is a story behind every piece in the store, so each item is rich in creativity and history. Plus, many of our items will celebrate Colorado, which will make it a bit more personal than something from a nationwide chain store.

Great Gifts for Holiday Parties

Visit our design and furniture showroom in Denver to find pieces that have been individually selected for their utility, creativity, and unique re-purposed nature. Our incredible products are fabricated from the most unsuspecting raw materials – including boxcar flooring, bicycles tires, car hoods, timbers from demolished homes and buildings, dilapidated machinery, and more!

Shop at Revampt, and claim your title as “best gift giver” this holiday season!