Unique Green Furniture and Home Decor in Denver

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At Revampt, we know how important it is to do our part in taking care of the Planet. An essential contribution is to reutilize and to work with resources we already have in existence. That is why we sell home products and accessories fabricated from raw materials like bicycle wheels, tires, old machinery, antique bowling alley wood. Take a peek at some of the latest additions to the store, from genuine local artisan pieces of furniture that will blow your mind!

One-of-a-kind gifts and art pieces for your home

Look at these beautiful end grain beetle kill cutting boards we got recently. They make a perfect late Christmas gift or house warming present for anyone! #beetlekill #colorado #buylocal #cuttingboard #kitchen #reclaimed #repurposed #recycled #revampt #gifts



Original kitchen and home items like these beautiful end grain beetle kill cutting boards. 






When looking for unique pieces of furniture to decor your home in a green-conscious way, we offer a great variety. A Russian olive live edge accent table sits on repurposed legs along with a beautiful reclaimed orb light that features a vintage Edison bulb. These geometric concrete planters have been more than loved by everyone.

Just a few of our new favorite things! This Russian olive live edge accent table sits on repurposed legs and is waiting for a place to call home! This beautiful reclaimed orb light features a vintage Edison bulb. We've also got a variety of these geometric concrete planters, too! Come check it out! #reclaimed #repurposed #recycled #revampt #denver #colorado #buylocal #wood #furniture #lighting #planters #green


Show your #Colorado pride with these #reclaimed wooden state signs! Available in a variety of colors with the hearts right over #Denver! #revampt #repurposed #recycled




Perfect to add an accent to your wall or to give as a very original giftReclaimed wooden state signs available in a variety of colors with the hearts right over.





Revampt sells sensible, utilitarian and affordable home furnishings made from recycled materials. Pay us a visit at Cherry Creek or The Stores at 9th.

necklaces crafted reclaimed bottlesEverything we sell had a previous life and has been given new utility: unique designs on jewelry pieces made of reused materials, art pieces of furniture, the perfect touch to decor your home in a green way. Cool new products come in every week; recycled materials made into art and furniture.Our Denver reclaimed home furnishings are creativity, and unique re-purposed nature, but also incredibly beautiful and useful. Find new home products that have been fabricated we’ve gotten from the most unsuspected places, making use of all materials that can be repurposed! Find the best picks of one-of-a-kind reclaimed goods at Cherry Creek.