Unique Furniture for Every Family Member

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Since there’s no shortage of materials to work with, there’s also no shortage of designs to come up with for unique reclaimed furniture. To make a house a home, you need to fill it with love and personal touches. At Revampt, all of our furniture and home accessories are one-of-a-kind, not to mention fully sustainable, since everything is made from reclaimed materials. If you’re looking to add a few personal touches to your interior design, we’ve got furniture that will fit the personality of every family member, including the dog!

Unique furniture and home deco

Every room deserves a unique piece of furniture or decor.

Making a house a home

It’s too easy to end up with a home that looks just like every other home. Of course, there are standard touches in every home – you need chairs and a couch and a dining table, etc – but instead of getting everything in one big commercial furniture store, head to Revampt and check out all of our unique pieces of furniture. Every house needs something that makes it stand out, something that makes it your home, not just any home. We’ve got exclusive pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Even if you tell your friends where you got it, there’s no way they’re going to find the exact same piece. That’s the beauty of using reclaimed materials; no two pieces will ever be alike.

One statement piece for everyone

For a home to be a home, you need to reflect the people who live there. So, make shopping at Revampt a family affair, allowing everyone to find something that speaks to their personal style. Let the kids pick out something fun for their bedroom, and have fun as a family picking out one piece of furniture that will make each room pop. Just one unique piece of furniture can make a mundane room feel vibrant and alive. You always want one piece in a room that will break from the rest of the decor to draw the eye.

One-of-a-kind furniture and decor

Dog beds made from old wine barrels.

For people and pets

What’s a home without a furry friend? We don’t want the family pet to feel left out, so we have unique dog beds made from old wine barrels. It’s the perfect piece-de-la-resistance for a Colorado country home. Not to mention the trendy eco-conscious consumer.

Reclaimed furniture in Denver

We use just about anything we can get our hands on to make reclaimed furniture, reclaimed jewelry, reclaimed chairs, reclaimed beds, reclaimed benches, reclaimed hutches, reclaimed pillows, reclaimed accessories, and reclaimed everything. We could go on and on. Using reclaimed materials not only makes us feel good about protecting the planet and reducing our carbon footprint, but it allows us to be creative and work with local artists to make something spectacular and useful out of something that would otherwise go to waste.

When you shop at our boutique, you’ll get furniture that fits your style and feeds your soul.