Two Ways to Reduce Waste

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Waste is a huge problem worldwide. As consumers, we need to take responsibility. What we throw away on a daily basis may seem like an insignificant amount in comparison to extraction industries, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a big impact on how much crap we throw out.

Be a responsible consumer

Any industry that takes natural resources to create things that consumers will buy is responsible for a tremendous amount of waste. We have to take this into consideration when we shop. If we demand better standards and practices from the companies that we buy from, we can make a difference. However, we also have to do our part daily to reduce the amount of stuff we toss away.

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If we can change the attitude of consumers to buy and consume responsibly, then the manufacturing industry will follow. After all, they’re only making this stuff because we are buying it, right? So, here’s how you can make a difference and reduce waste the next time you shop.

Reuse, reduce, recycle! There, that was easy. Just kidding!

Most of us have a pretty good grasp of reusing and recycling, but we often forget how we can reduce the amount of waste for which we are responsible.

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Buy in bulk

Whenever you can, buy in bulk. It’s often cheaper, and it eliminates wasteful packaging that comes from buying single items. Buying things like sugar, grains, cereals, beans, rice, etc. in bulk and keeping them in sealed containers to keep them fresh will help reduce a significant amount of our daily waste.

Similarly, buy things that you can refill, like detergents and soaps.

Buy reclaimed, recycled, or repurposed products

Obviously, we’re particularly drawn to this one. There is so much stuff that we throw out every day that could be repurposed. It’s more than just reducing waste; it’s about protecting the natural resources. It is the trees, the earth, the water, and the animals that suffer when we continue to go back and extract more natural resources to provide consumers with more products.

Consume with a clean conscience

We don’t need to go back to Mother Earth and deplete more of her resources; we just need to put our creative minds together and come up with new purposes for old resources. We are proud to work with local artists and designers to create brand new unique and sustainable furniture, home decor, and creative gifts using only recycled materials.