How to Turn an Old Tractor into a Bar Cabinet

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You know the famous Magritte painting of a pipe, and underneath it says, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (This is not a pipe)? That’s kind of how we feel every day here at Revampt. Let’s say there was a picture of a broken down Massey Ferguson tractor. Most people would say, “that’s a broken down tractor.” Not us! We see a broken down tractor and think “that’s a bar cabinet!” And, lo and behold, we repurposed an old tractor and gave it new life as a bar cabinet. Repurposed furniture from old tractor

Tractor parts for household furniture

Every day here at Revampt is like an unconventional challenge on Project Runway. Our designers love working with unusual materials, and our customers love the final results. Recently, we set out to create something special from an old tractor. Our delightfully weird and creative minds quickly saw the potential to create something that would be a statement piece, but also functional. When you don’t have room for an entire bar, this beautiful and charming reclaimed bar cabinet is the perfect compromise. It’s small enough to fit into your home, and it’s unique enough to make a big statement.

Reclaimed furniture in Denver

The hood of the tractor makes up the bar cabinet.

Repurposing an old tractor

So, how do you repurpose an old tractor? First, you take off the steel hood of the tractor and manipulate it to be the front panel of a cabinet. You add a small door in the center so that you can reach the wine bottles that are stored inside. To store the wine, we’ve taken more reclaimed metal and made a perfect wine rack to fit the inside of your tractor hood cabinet. We’ve also added a little “featured wine” peep hole on one side and added a bottle opener for the beer drinkers on the other side. Topping off your tractor hood bar cabinet is a reclaimed wood top.

Tractor seat bar stools

Bar stool from repurposed old tractorOffer your guests a seat at the bar with our unique tractor seat bar stools. We try to repurpose as many of the materials from an old tractor as possible, so it seemed appropriate to take out the seats and add a few tractor seat bar stool options to go with your tractor hood bar table.

Reclaimed furniture boutique in Denver

Everything in our shop is one-of-a-kind and repurposed from reclaimed materials. We give old materials a new life. It’s reclaimed furniture that you can feel good about. Stop by our reclaimed furniture boutique in Denver, Colorado. See for yourself how unconventional and seemingly useless materials can be revamped into something special for your home.