Tips to get the most out of Black Friday 2015

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Along with the delicious turkey leg and the gravy, comes the much expected Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are some of the most awaited dates as buyers get great deals in home appliances, clothes, electronics, furniture, and more. Around 140 million US consumers take advantage of these deals. This year, don’t fall behind on the best deals and prepare yourself to do some major shopping with the right tools and information. Today, we share with you some tips on how to enjoy Black Friday to the max.

Advice to Be Ready for Black Friday shopping time

Technology on your side

Smartphones have changed shopping dynamics and marketing strategies. There are many great apps you can download to your phone that will help you find the items you’re looking to buy. Some of the apps available are and You can also find some helpful guides online as there are many sites that allow you to browse for deals and prepare beforehand. Visit to peek on some of the deals that will be offered. Remember, not all deals can be found previous to Black Friday itself as some stores might have one-day deals, as well.

Plan ahead and make a list

Planning and making lists are key to not spending more than what you need to and to keep you inside your budget. Make a thorough list so you have your priorities aligned and to help eliminate unnecessary purchases. You can have categories for your lists to separate items you need, from those you want and to include Christmas gifts.

Do research and don’t get caught off-guard

Even though you will be able to find some great deals, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many tricky strategies and repeated deals that most companies use for these days. If you do your research and compare prices, you might be surprised to find out that shopping on Black Friday might not be the best day for it. A lot of the big-ticket deals are repeated from last year, and stores even use the same identical ads. Some other stores pump up the discounts by increasing the original price of the product on Black Friday. So, do your research, compare prices with other stores and do your math before getting dazzled by a 50% off tag.

Be early or stay home

Some stores will be a little considerate to their customers, and give away deal tickets to those who arrived early and have been standing in line all morning. More and more people are deciding to ditch the lines and stay home instead. Last year, about 70% of Black Friday buyers stayed home and shopped online. Many retailers will start posting their deals as early as Thursday midnight. Be patient though as many people will be doing the same and sites may be slow.

Christmas Gifts

Remember to be considerate with our Planet, and shop consciously only buying what you strictly need. These days might offer great deals but that doesn’t mean you have to buy just because everyone else is doing it. Read more about ways to decorate your house for the holidays with recycled materials and how recycling can change people’s lives.