Tips To Get Prepared For Black Friday Shopping!

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Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year.  Are you ready?   Let Revampt Goods in Denver help you prepare!  Located in the heart of Cherry Creek, just minutes from downtown Denver, we are in the midst of the region’s premier shopping location.  Here are a few tips to get your black Friday shopping off to a great start!



Make A Shopping List!

Before you begin your shopping, make a list of the items you need.  A list will help you stick to your budget and can help eliminate unnecessary purchases.  Make a separate list of those you are intending to buy for.  When you see something that is not on your list, resort to your gift list to see if it could replace another item.

Decide Where You Are Going!

Organize a list by store and sale hours.  Decide where you are going based on the time store opens and sale times.  Many stores will have certain items on sale at certain times.  The Sunday papers will typically have the black Friday ads as well as the websites of your favorite stores.  Compare prices of the same products with different sales to find the best deals.  Be sure to read each companies policies regarding returns, exchanges and refunds as well as price matching.

Know Before You Go

Retail stores hand tickets out to the first in line waiting for store openings.  The number of tickets will correspond with the exact quantity of products they carry.  Figure out how many items you need and get that many number of tickets, if the store allows.  If possible, check the store’s map online so you know exactly which department to head to when the doors are opened.

Bring a Shopping Buddy

Shopping buddies show who your true friends are.  A shopping buddy saves each other’s places in long lines or split up to take advantages of deals at the same time in different locations.  Above all, Have fun!!

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