Tips for Making Sustainable Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is the one time a year when kids and adults alike get to dress up and be wild and weird. Oh, and eat way too much candy! But, because of the universal popularity of Halloween, it’s also becoming one of our most wasteful holidays. This All Hallows Eve, instead of buying a one-time throwaway synthetic outfit, find ways to make a sustainable Halloween costume. You’ll have to get a little creative, but that’s one of the more fun parts of Halloween, anyway. So, have fun!

Sustainable Halloween costume

Get creative with materials, accessories, and clothing that you already have at your house for a sustainable Halloween costume.

Repurposed Halloween Costume

Chances are, no matter what you decide to go as this Halloween, you already have all the materials you need for an awesome costume. Rummage around your house, find supplies and accessories, old clothes, new clothes, and household items that you can use. Just use your imagination, and you’ll see that you already have so many household materials that can be repurposed. And, we bet you can be more creative than cutting two eye holes in a white sheet. Anything that you can’t find in your clothing or other materials you’ll be able to make up for with hair and makeup.

Rent and Borrow

Of course, if you’re a jeans and t-shirts on the weekend and suits and tie during the week and you don’t want to go as an investment banker again, then think about renting your costume. By renting, you know that it’s going to be reused over and over, making it much more sustainable than buying a cheap one that’s going to end up in the trash the next day. You can also borrow costumes from friends, or items you need to design your own. Why buy something new when you can just use something of a friend. It’s cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Repurposed Halloween Costumes

Borrow from your friends to put together a fabulous Halloween costume and minimize waste.

Buy Clothes That Can Be Reused

There are also plenty of clothing that can double as great costume ideas for Halloween, as well as just a great outfit for everyday wear. Think about how many different references you get from a black and white striped t-shirt. You can be a mime, a painter, a prisoner, or a black and white licorice lollipop.

Investing in a cool wig can also help to put the look together, plus, it will also work great when going out with friends on the weekend, just for fun!

If you are going to buy new, make sure the clothes and accessories you get can be reused.

Use Organic Materials

Adorn your costume with natural materials. Use what you can find in your garden, home, or in the park and incorporate it into your ensemble. Better yet, get inspiration from nature, because you’ll have most of the materials available right at your fingertips. And, it’s all organic and biodegradable.

Sustainable Halloween costumes

Use natural materials to accessorize your Halloween costume.

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