Tips for your kids to live green

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Kids can also contribute to the planet and do green actions that will help take care of the environment. They are, after all, our present and also future (adult) inhabitants of our planet and need to become conscious of their actions regarding the environment. Good habits are taught from little, and by giving a good example you’re already guiding them well. Still, there are some things you can start teaching your kids so they start doing their part too. Today, we share with you some ideas for your kids to recycle and learn how to reuse at home or school.

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Think green, do green, live green

Green actions for children to do

Reuse plastic lunch bags

Remind your kids not to throw away sandwich zip lock bags, plastic bottles, and other containers that can be reused. Teach them to differentiate plastic compositions to know how to sort their trash, and know what to throw away and what to reuse or recycle.

Electronic gadgets disposaltips on teaching kids to recycle

Teach them not to ever throw away e-trash. Not even batteries or cell phones should be trashed. These devices contain toxic chemicals that end up hurting the environment, our waters. Give things away to other people to use when they’re no longer used by your children.

Resources conservation

Children learn super fast and easily. Teach them to turn off unused lights and to brush their teeth with the water off. Teach them to unplug unused electronics to save on your electricity bill and to walk, ride a bike or take the bus to school. Remind to put their computer to sleep instead of leaving the screensaver running. All these little things will save a lot in the long run.

Get Crafty!

If your kids love crafts, they probably already know that jars, toilet paper tubes, aluminum cans, bottle caps, paper bags, and many more materials make great artistic creations. Here are some ideas for recycled art for kids.

creative reuse of plastic bottles

Getting the family involved in environmentally green actions is important. We all need to take action and take care of our Planet Earth. Read more about ways in which your pet can help the environment and where to buy unique green furniture in Colorado.