Tips For Hanging and Arranging Art in Your Home!

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Hanging wall art can sometimes become a most tedious and difficult task. It doesn’t need to be, however, if you are equipped with the right tools and tips! Hanging art can be an art unto itself. Revampt Goods gives a few ideas on properly hanging your wall art, to create your own piece of art!

Eye Level

When figuring out the best height for your art, you will want to begin at eye level. Even if you have a grouping of different pieces of artwork, you will want the center of the grouping at eye level. If you are considerably petite, or taller than the average person, adjust the height to be on a more average level.


Andreas Scheiger inspiration

Andreas Scheiger inspiration

When spacing your art on the wall, be sure to match proportion of the art to the size of the wall. Generally speaking, hang large pieces of art on big walls and small pieces of art on smaller walls. Unless you intentionally want to make a statement with a very large piece on a smaller wall, just be aware of proportion! Art hung over a sofa or table should be 4-6” above the back. When hanging multiple pieces of artwork together space the distance between the pieces equally!

No Fail Hanging Method

Have a large group of artwork or different sized pieces of art you need to hang? Putting them together on one wall is called a gallery. Here are a few tips in arranging your gallery. Lay your art on the floor, arrange in a like manner that can be transferred to your wall space. Now, get a large piece of brown kraft paper and trace each art piece onto the paper and cut out. With each piece, pick up the art and lift up the back, while on the kraft paper cut to size. Look for the wire or hook it will be hanging from. Let’s say it is a half-inch below the frame. Mark this position on your paper. If it is a wire, lift the wire up as if it were hanging on the wall, and mark that position onto the paper. Now, once you have set your arrangement on the floor in the pattern that is pleasing, tape the kraft papers on the wall in the same pattern. Hammer in your nails or hooks to coordinate with the marked positions on the paper. Rip away the paper and hang your pieces! No-fail art!

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