The History Of Thanksgiving

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The day comes every year, the fourth Thursday of November.  We love the turkey, dressing and time off work.  So often it is easy to forget the meaning of the holiday in the midst of the celebration.   Revampt Goods recalls the history of Thanksgiving to add a little more meaning to your holiday this year!  Pass it on to your children and guests, let’s not forget our heritage!

History of Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving

We owe all our turkey, pumpkin pie and football to the pilgrims.  They left Plymouth, England, on September 6, 1620.  They sailed to the New World, otherwise known as Massachusetts.  For over two months, the 102 passengers braved the incredible harsh conditions on board.  Landing in Massachusetts in late November, they disembarked on December 11th.  Just before walking into their new world, they all signed the ‘Mayflower Compact’- America’s first document of civil government and the first to introduce self-government.  The Pilgrims showed their courageous spirits and tenacity by beginning to build shelters in the midst of the intense winter.  Almost half died of starvation and sickness by spring.  The Indians close by noticed the helplessness of the pilgrims and began assisting them.  Because of the help from the native Indians, the Pilgrims reaped a bountiful harvest the next summer.  As a result of this stark contrast of extreme hunger to feasting, the grateful Pilgrims declared a three day feast.  They started the feast on December 13th to thank God and their Indian friends.  This was America’s first official Thanksgiving Festival.  Pilgrim Edward Winslow described the event in these words:

‘ Our harvest being gotten in…Many of the Indians came amongst us, some ninety men, whome for three days we entertained and feasted.  They went out and killed five deer, which they brought….and although it be not always so plentiful as it was this time with us, yet by the goodness of God we are….Far from want.’

 Happy Thanksgiving from Revampt Goods

Thanksgiving pumpkin

Enjoy your day of feasting and give thanks with us that we are far from want!  Come see us black Friday to complete your Thanksgiving celebrations!