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Sidewalk Sale This Week At Revampt!

Stop by the showroom for our Sidewalk Sale this Thursday-Saturday (13th – 15th July). 

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So, you have a perfectly proportioned room, balanced furniture layout, and complementing colors, but it is still missing… something. What is it? It’s missing the element of surprise, the unexpected details that catch your eye and capture your attention. Every room needs something to draw you in.  The element of surprise would be pieces that attract your attention and bring you into the room, visually or literally! Learn how you can bring that element of surprise into your home with Revampt Goods!

Unique FurnishingsRevampt three different chairs

A typical piece of furniture that is either painted or upholstered in a bright, bold or funky hue or made out of something unusual would be the perfect piece to draw you in. Choose something that is similar in style of the rest of your home, or it can be something that doesn’t mesh style wise, but rather complements.  Street Sign Chairs made out of old street signs would be a funky way to add a little color to your room.

Out of the Ordinary Accessories

Every room, no matter how well designed, needs a little accessorizing to pull it together! Having different levels of things to notice in a room is the key to accessorizing. Amazing coasters featuring local Denver spots would be an excellent way to accessorize a sofa table or coffee table.

clocks made from bicycle gear

Odd Knick Knacks

When adding knick knacks to a room, do so in odd numbers. Grouping together in odd numbers is more interesting and will keep the eye moving. Varying heights and size within a group will also help the eye travel around to make a complete ‘arrangement’.   For instance, Revampt’s bike gear desk clocks make from recycled bicycle gears are a truly unique knick knack for any home or office.

Surprise Color

You can liven up any room with a little bit of color! Adding color doesn’t even require you to paint the wall. Just by adding a little color with pillows or a throw will add an element of surprise to a room.


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colorful unique pillows

Revampt Goods sells sensible, utilitarian, and affordable home furnishings made from recycled materials. Everything in this store had a previous life and has been given new utility. Our reclaimed home furnishings are individually selected for their utility, creativity, and unique re-purposed nature. Come see what we have in store today!