Thanksgiving Green DIY Home Decor

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autumn wreathOne of America’s favorite holidays is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is a time to give grace, and enjoy with those you love. Nothing is more fun than to decorate the house with fall colors and the holiday’s spirit. At Revampt you can find green recycled furniture and home accessories, all our pieces are unique and eco-friendly. We care about the planet and we contribute by following the 3 R’s: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

A little history on Thanksgiving: it was first celebrated on December 13, 1620, back in what was called Massachusetts, the New World. After setting sail from England, 102 passengers survived the sea’s harsh conditions for 2 months and finally landed in our lands. They started building shelters for the winter, but half died of starvation and illnesses by spring. The Indians began assisting them and because of their help, the Pilgrims were able to reap a bountiful harvest on Summer. The grateful Pilgrims declared a three-day feast to thank God and their Indian friends. Learn more about Thanksgiving’s history.

Thanksgiving Decor with Recycled Items and Nature

Pine Cone and Leaves Wreath Rustic Pine Cone Wreath

What better way to welcome people into your house than with a beautiful inviting wreath on your door. There are many ways to make beautiful wreaths but the pine cone wreath is definitely one of the easiest, most versatile and great-looking ones. Make a wreath with a foam circle and glue pinecones to it, or you can also use wire. Add some leaves from your garden, making sure to alternate colors. You can easily reuse this wreath for Christmas. Read more details on how to make a pine cone wreath.

Mini Pilgrim and Indian napkin holders

Using toilet paper short rolls, you can make many beautiful easy crafts to decorate your house. Make your own little Pilgrims and Indians by painting them, there are many examples online. Use these little fellows as napkin holders to add a nice touch to your table. You can also use a toilet paper to make a pilgrim hat: paint it black, add some black carton, adding a top to cover it and a buckle out of some yellow recycled paper. Very cute recycled Thanksgiving decor!

History of Thanksgiving

Thank you Jar

Get a big glass jar, or a mason jar, and glue some leaves to it. You can also just stick them with some adhesive tape and cover it with some ribbon. Cut out some recycled paper into leaves and get markers and pens so people can write their thank notes and put them into the jar. You can later read them at family dinner.

This Thanksgiving weekend, decorate home and enjoy the love of Thanksgiving with your family. Read more about DIY craft projects with recycled material and how to enjoy the fall in Denver this year.