Sustainable Forests and Repurposed Furniture

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When you buy products made from wood, make sure that you know where the wood comes from. Trees are a vital part of protecting our planet, and we need to do our part to care for our forests and make sure that they can do their job. We need to help them, help us, save the planet. Thanks for organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), we are taking steps to ensuring that our logging practices are sustainable, and we don’t deplete our forests across the globe just because we want a cheap bookcase or dining room table.

Deforestation is the second leading cause of global warming

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Be a responsible consumer and make sure you buy wood furniture from sustainable forests, or recycled materials.

Trees are our biggest weapon against global warming. Approximately 30% of the world’s landmass is covered by forests. Trees clean the air and store carbon, carbon that would otherwise be destroying our atmosphere. Urbanization, construction, and mass-production of wooden furniture and decor have lead to deforestation. Deforestation and our historically casual approach to nature have become the second largest cause of global warming, next to the burning of fossil fuels.

“Deforestation and forest destruction is the second leading cause of carbon pollution, causing 20% of total greenhouse gas emissions.” – FSC

Reuse construction materials and reduce waste and pollution

Worse than cutting down trees for mass-produced furniture, is throwing away perfectly good wood and building materials when buildings come down, or new buildings are erected. By reusing old flooring, roofing, subflooring, plywood, glass, metal, etc., we are ensuring that we don’t add waste to overflowing landfills, and we don’t encourage the unnecessary cutting down of trees.

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Old construction materials can be repurposed to make unique furniture and decorative pieces for your home.

Recycling wood reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Reusing old materials will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The next time you’re looking to buy new furniture or decorate your house, find repurposed and recycled products. It’s great for the environment, and you can show off a one-of-a-kind creation to the envy of your friends.

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