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Holiday Swag with Revampt Goods

Get your home festive this Christmas with some garland swag. We’ve seen the garland draped over doors and entryways, dressing mantles and banisters. Revampt Goods shows a few other creative uses for this popular holiday greenery.

No Mantle, No Problem!

There are probably more spots than you realize for adding this festive greenery to your holiday décor. Think outside the box, and drape over oversized artwork and even empty frames. Drape over a hutch in the dining room, or over a console table.

Dress It Up

Tired of the same green garland you see everywhere? Dress it up with a few creative additions. If you want a tropical flair, add 2 inch thick hemp rope with clamshell ornaments or other sea worthy finds. Layering different types of garland will also add visual interest. Try a mixture of pine and spruce garlands twisted together. Another approach to adding visual dimension is to incorporate ferns, succulents or magnolia leaves to your swag.

Flower Pot Greenery

Instead of draping over the front door, pile a garland or greenery around a large flower urn. Adding a vertical element in the middle, such as sticks in the very center will balance it out and create a welcoming arrangement for any porch!

Make A Wreath

Twist the garland into a circle, size of your choice and hang from a silk ribbon. You can hang these custom wreaths over mirrors, in the bathroom, on bedroom doors, in the kitchen, etc… get creative!

Chandelier Swag

Cut the garland to size and intertwine in your chandelier arms. This goes a long way, particularly when dressing a festive table for a holiday meal. In the evening or with low lighting, the shadows give a soft romantic feel reminiscent of an evening walk in the woods!

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