Secrets To Creating A Beautiful Christmas Mantel

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Make your home merry this week just in time for Christmas, by pulling together the perfect Christmas mantel. Revampt Goods in Cherry Creek gives tips on decorating your mantel to take center stage this Christmas. See what you can do to make your holiday mantel festive!

Color Theme

To make a stunning mantel, go with a color theme. A silver and white speaks of a magical winter wonderland. Gold and silver feels festive, bringing holiday glamour, pink and green is a bit funky, a spin on the traditional red and green. Reflect your personal decorating style with your color palette.   Have all the pieces on the mantel be in that color family. Begin with a garland and add ornaments in your colors with vases on top. Christmas figurines or candlesticks spray painted in your colors also displayed on the top will keep it festive and chic.


The secret to garland on a mantel is beefing it up a bit. Most garlands are rather skimpy when hung singularly. Purchase several strands and weave them together for a fuller effect. Be sure to fluff them after intertwining them. Let your imagination soar when it comes to adorning your garland. Use berries, ornaments, sticks, fruit, anything! Weeping cedar can be used as well to cascade down the front of the mantel to bring a little drama!


Lights, sconces and lamps add a warm dimension to your mantel. Use white Christmas lights intertwined in greenery, or hung around a mirror or frame. Candles are always a nice touch as well. Long tapered candles in colorful candlesticks or make it classy in silver or glass candlestick holders. Using scented candles creates an inviting aroma throughout the entire home!

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