Charming Rustic Reclaimed Furniture from an Old Barrel

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We’re having a barrel of fun here at Revampt trying to see just how many different ways there are to repurpose an old whiskey barrel or wine barrel. We’re making eco-consciousness fun and fashionable, and you get to reap all the benefits. Furniture made from an old barrel is decorative, functional, fashionable, and great for the planet. Plus, wood barrel furniture goes beautifully with a rustic-style home. An old repurposed barrel can also add a little country charm to a modern home. Reclaimed furniture in Denver

Repurposing an old barrel

There are a million ways to take an old barrel and give it new life. The most obvious way is to simply turn it into a corner table, place a funky lamp on top, and call it a day, but what’s the fun in that? We like to challenge ourselves. When you make furniture for clients who have a unique sense of style, who want to stand out and buy statement pieces that no one else has, we know that we need to get a lot more creative with our materials.

Barrel sinks and vanities

Repurposing an old wine barrelWe’ve taken an authentic whiskey barrel and turned it into a functional, free-standing sink. It’s a perfect statement piece to add a bit of warm rustic charm to your home. This whiskey barrel sink comes with a super-trendy copper faucet and sink. You can also have your vanity made from a repurposed wine barrel. The sink is nickel-plated, but you can customize your wine barrel vanity with additional wood species and hardware finishes. To add the finishing touch to a free-standing wood barrel vanity, hang a mirror made from the top part of the wine or whiskey barrel.

Wine barrel wall shelf

Reclaimed furniture from old wine barrelAre you tired of the same square bookshelves to show off your belongings? We’ve taken the top of a round barrel and made it a super cool and unique shelf. Our wine barrel wall shelf is crafted locally. We’ve given it a coat of lacquer to shine it up and revitalize the color of the wood, and we’ve left the original metal bands on for an authentic look.

Wine barrel bar cabinet

Turning a wine barrel into a wine cabinet is perhaps a little on-the-nose, but we couldn’t resist. If you can’t fill it with wine, repurpose it to store bottles of wine or other liquors in a charming little wine barrel bar cabinet for your home.

Wine barrel accessories and accents pieces

Reclaimed furniture from wood barrelThere are so many things you can do with an old wine barrel. You can use the whole barrel, or you can take it apart and use the various pieces for accessories and accent pieces to decorate your home. We like to use every piece of material we have, leaving no waste behind. e find our barrels locally and use local artists and designers to give old materials new life.

Reclaimed furniture shop in Denver

Shop locally for reclaimed furniture to decorate your home. Most of our pieces are made from locally sourced materials. We make unique furniture that is both decorative and functional. Come check out all the reclaimed materials that we have turned into beautiful furniture and accent pieces for your home.