Revamp Your Home with the Latest Summer Trends

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If you missed spring cleaning and you’re looking to revamp your home for the summer season, the hottest summer interior design trend is using sustainable and organic materials. Hmm, that sounds familiar… where have we heard that before? Oh, right, that’s exactly what we’ve been saying all along! We’re so glad this trend is finally getting the recognition that it deserves.

Reclaimed furniture shop in DenverDesigning a modern home with old materials

There’s a misconception that a modern home needs to have all new things. Just because something is new doesn’t mean that it can’t be designed using old materials. When you take reclaimed materials and upcycle them to take on new life, you get a piece of furniture or decorative accessory that looks and feels brand new.

Sustainable interior design

Using reclaimed materials to design furniture and home decor doesn’t always have to be vintage and rustic. It all depends on how you revamp the materials. A piece of wood can be used a million different ways to fit the interior design trend of the season or to match your personal style. Right now, the most talked about interior design trend isn’t what style or era something depicts; it’s about your style being sustainable. We had enough materials already sourced and manufactured to sustain interior design and furniture manufacturers for thousands of years.

Natural beauty

Sustainable interior design ideasSince we only use reclaimed materials to build our home furnishings, the only thing we take from nature is inspiration. We love to let the materials speak for themselves, taking their natural beauty and bringing it inside your home. Many of our pieces, like our wooden dining tables and coffee tables, are built in the shape of the tree. It may have some odd edges, a few knots, and interesting textures, but that is what makes it unique. Every single one of our pieces is one-of-a-kind. No two items are exactly alike, and that is what will make your home stand out. Picking furniture that shows off the organic shapes of the materials will allow you to express yourself.

Reclaimed furniture boutique in Denver

If you really want to express yourself, stop by our reclaimed home furniture boutique in Denver and talk to us about customizing a piece of furniture. Just because the materials are reused doesn’t mean the design has to be.

Come shop for sustainable furniture to revamp your home.