Reusing Your Greywater for Good

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We look for all types of materials that have been discarded or considered “waste” and we flip the script to create unique home decor and furnishings. There are very few things that we can’t revamp and bring back to life. Not only do we get to be creative every day, but we also get to do something proactive to protect our planet. But, it is more than just our job, it is our passion, and it extends beyond our store hours.

Recycle water into your garden

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Reuse and recycle your greywater from dishwashers, washing machines, showers, and cleaning to water your garden.

One thing that we all need to be wary of is our dwindling water supply and severe drought that is plaguing the world right now. Just look to our western neighbors in California and ask them how their vegetable garden is doing? Chances are, if they are responsible citizens, they are letting their lawn go brown and finding alternative sources of water to keep their plants and herbs alive. That alternative is recycling greywater.

It may sound gross at first, who wants to drink dirty greywater? Well, if it’s between that and no water at all, your plants will choose greywater any day of the week. You may be great at taking short showers, only washing dishes and laundry when you have a full load and practice all sorts of ways to save on water, but you can take it one step further.

Two ways to recycle your greywater

  • Drain your washing machine and dishwasher into a container or directly into your flower beds
  • Keep a bucket in the shower and use the water it catches to water your plants
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Go to sleep in your reclaimed, socially responsible bed with a clean conscience knowing your recycled your greywater.

We know that you don’t want to drink soapy water with bits of food and dirt, but your plants won’t mind. Plus, we’re sure you have already switched to all organic and biodegradable soaps and detergents. If not, it;s time! Diluted soap and a few bits of food won’t kill your plants, and you can feel good about keeping your garden lush and green, despite our need to save water.

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Don’t take anything for granted. Every little bit counts!