Repurposed Handcrafted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

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Wooden kitchen utensils have been a staple in the kitchen for centuries. They are beautiful, simple, versatile, and sustainable. For homeowners looking to create a green kitchen, there’s nothing that is more environmentally responsible than repurposed handcrafted wooden utensils. And, besides being good for the planet, they have many other benefits over other materials.

Wooden kitchen utensils

Cool handcrafted wooden beetle kill pine chopping block for your kitchen.

Reclaimed Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Buying wooden products is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do for the planet. Wood is a naturally renewable resource that is durable and long-lasting, and if you buy it from a responsible source, very little waste is produced from a making wooden products.

And, the best part, according to us, is that once a wooden product has lived out its usefulness in one area, it can easily be recycled and repurposed into new wonderful products. Like, for instance, handcrafted kitchen utensils made from reclaimed wood.

Benefits of Wooden Kitchen Utensils

There’s a reason that wooden kitchen utensils are still found in just about any kitchen, as there are numerous benefits to having wooden tools that go beyond the environmental benefits. Don’t get distracted by all the fancy new kitchen gadgets made from alternative materials. When it comes to a green and efficient kitchen, all you need is a few wooden utensils.

Wood Is Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Kitchen utensils

Wooden utensils won’t scratch your pots and pans.

Many people worry that wood is too absorbent and will quickly become filled with bacteria. However, wood is a naturally anti-bacterial material. Although it technically isn’t still alive, it is still filled with cells that protect the wood from bacteria. And, most wooden utensils will have been treated with oils and minerals that will prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold.

Wood Won’t Scratch

When you use wooden utensils, you won’t scratch or damage your pots and pans like their metal counterparts. Plus, accidentally leaving a wooden spoon next to the hot pan won’t cause it to melt, like plastic.

Wood Is Heat Resistant

You can freely leave your spoon resting in the pot and go about doing other business. Unlike a metal utensil, you can come back and grab your spoon anytime without burning your hand. Not only does wood not heat up in the pot, but the wood won’t mess with the look and the flavor of the food that you’re cooking. Some acidic foods will react poorly with some materials, like iron and non-stainless steel.

Handcrafted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

We’ve got fun and unique wooden kitchen utensils made from reclaimed wood. Every kitchen deserves wooden tools, but don’t get the same ones as all of your friends. Our kitchen utensils are handcrafted by local artist, making each utensil a one-of-a-kind. Going green doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Come get your handcrafted, sustainable, reclaimed wooden kitchen utensils at our Denver boutique.