Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Reclaimed Furniture

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Buying reclaimed furniture instead of new furniture for your home can make a big impact on your carbon footprint. When you’re decorating your home, make sure you are making decisions that will make a positive impact on our environment. Once you understand the enormous impact you can have by making sound purchasing choices, choosing reclaimed over new is easy.

Revampt repurposed bar station

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying repurposed furniture and accessories.

New furniture is burden on the environment

When you buy a new piece of furniture for your home, you need to consider the footprint it leaves on our planet. The carbon footprint of a new piece of furniture can be traced all the way back to the tree that needs to be cut to get the wood to make a chair, table, bed, armoire, coat rack, and more.

Not only does new furniture require new wood, and new wood only comes from cutting down more trees, but you also have to consider the entire manufacturing process. What materials went into buying your furniture? How many places has your piece of furniture been as it was being constructed and put together? Every piece of material needed to make your new furniture has an impact on the environment, from the natural resources needed to make the materials, to the manufacturing process, to the transportation, to the storage process. Not to mention the final step of getting it from the store to your home. Every little step in the process takes a toll on our planet. The more steps you can eliminate when you shop, the more you can reduce the carbon footprint of your purchasing choices.

Buy locally to reduce carbon footprint

We use every material available to us to make our unique home furniture and home accessories. Any materials, wood, metals, paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and other materials that have been tossed and left for garbage will be molded, reworked, redesigned, reimagined, and revamped in our shop to create beautiful upcycled and ecologically sound home furnishings and decorations.

Reduce carbon footprint with reclaimed furniture

The gorgeous side table was made from an urban salvaged Russian olive stump. This Edison bulb lamp is one of a kind made from a vintage door opener found in Erie, PA.

“Our incredible home products are fabricated from the most unsuspecting raw materials; bicycle wheels, sails, tires, dilapidated machinery, and more.”

We’ve greatly eliminated the carbon footprint of each piece by using reclaimed materials from urban demolition projects. We cut out many steps in the CO2-heavy manufacturing process, as well as cut back on the CO2-heavy shipping and transportation.

Reclaimed furniture and accessories in Denver

Every little bit counts in the fight against climate change. We need to protect our environment and preserve our planet for the next generations. Make ecologically sound choices when you shop. Buy reclaimed furniture and home accessories from our Denver shop and reduce your carbon footprint.