Reduce Holiday Waste with Repurposed Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

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The holidays are joyful, but they can also be wasteful. There is the wrapping paper and the tissue paper, the boxes and the bags, the ribbons and the bows. Then there are the decorations we buy, break, throw out, and buy again the following year. We’re not trying to rain on your holidays – we love them, too – but we also need to think about how we can minimize the amount of waste that we are responsible for this holiday season.

Revampt stocking stuffers

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Buy repurposed and upcycled gifts

At Revampt, we take old materials and rethink their original purpose, put our magic holiday creative hands to work, and come up with a whole new fun and trendy household accessory. Or, we can think bigger and make awesome handcrafted pieces of furniture made from reclaimed wood and other recycled materials from urban reclamation projects.

We use materials that have already been sourced, so we don’t add any waste. Plus, since everything we’ve made is made from recycled materials, that means that it can be repurposed again and again so that we don’t have to source for new materials and add to the waste.

Be creative with your gift wrapping

Remember that one time in college when you couldn’t find any wrapping paper and you were late for the party, so you grabbed a free local newspaper and found a colorful section to use as wrapping paper? Maybe people laughed at you, but you were on to something. In fact, if you look around your home, we bet you can find plenty of things that you could wrap your presents. You can always grab some crayons or pens and make your own holiday gift wrap. If it doesn’t go well, you can just say you had the neighbor’s kid come and do it one afternoon, and you thought it was adorable!

Eco-friendly gifts and stocking stuffers in Denver

Reduce your waste this holiday season and wrap your gifts sparingly.

Minimize your gift wrapping

We know you’re tempted to put that sweater in a box and then wrap it and then throw a ribbon on it, but you need to cut out one of those things this holiday season – maybe even two, if you’re feeling daring. If you’re worried that the shape of your gift will give it away so you hide it in a box, then leave the wrapping paper for another present. You don’t need both.

Eco-friendly holiday gifts and stocking stuffers in Denver

We’ve got everything from funky coasters and jewelry to beautifully handcrafted furniture. Pick up some last minute gifts.

We got creative repurposing wasted materials for awesome gifts for everyone; now you can go home and get creative with minimal waste wrapping!