Recycling Tips: how to sort your trash

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Learning to recycle and reutilize at home is one of the best ways we contribute to our Planet. Waste has saturated our world so much; it is imminent we make a change now. Learn how to sort your trash, recycle and reutilize waste at home so your household reduces the amount of unused waste produced. Today, we share with you some advice on how to sort your waste.

recycling tips for the kitchen

Guidelines to sort your waste

Ideally, you should get separate labeled bins to be able to sort and discard your trash in them. Don’t worry about buying new colored bins if you haven’t got any other alternatives. Remember, buy only when necessary. tips on teaching kids to recycle

  • Food scrapes: Food waste can be recycled but usually it is composted. Composting can be learned quickly, there are many online tutorials. If you don’t have the room or use for compost, separate this waste in an organic bin. Here you can include paper bags, paper napkins, and other easily biodegradable waste.
  • Recycle List: there are several materials that are recycled everywhere. The top list includes paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, boxes, among others. Included in plastic, there are cereal box liners, plastic grocery bags, and some plastic food containers.
  • Electronics: small electronics with cords, cell phones, computers and any other electronic devices should be taken to the Community Recycling Center or any other organization in your county that is in charge of receiving these items.
  • Yard waste: Place all your yard waste at the curb. Use labeled open strong containers to put the waste to be picked up. Learn how to recycle your Christmas Tree.

Every action counts! As long as we all do our part, there will be change and contribution to the Planet. Read about how recycling affects our community and how even nature recycles with these animals that give raw materials a second chance.