Recycled items that revolutionize lives

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#reclaimed #repurposed #recycledRecycling is a more common practice every day, thankfully. However, the proportion in which we are producing waste and not disposing it in the best way is still not balanced. Lets focus on the positive, people around the world are using recycling to revolutionize resources  for their homes . It’s urgent we all take action, one way is to get informed and spread the word.

Human wittiness has developed clever ideas in all corners of the Earth, helping people and communities provide for their needs in creative, magnificent ways.

Today we share with you some of these ideas put into practice in recent years and how some of these have been helping hundreds of people.

Revolutionary Recycling Ideas in Action

Plastic Bottle Light Bulb

In Sitio Maligaya, Phillipines, a very poor neighborhood is built right by a railroad so all houses are cramped and turns alleys and houses very dark. People know it’s always dark, and that’s why “Solar Demi”, a man called that because he has brought light into their homes by using plastic bottles to create light bulbs. Putting together an ingenious process he was able to amaze people by providing the lowest cost bulb that would never heat up. Watch a video that shows how this clever technique is applied.

Home built with Plastic Bottles

In South Africa, Bottle2build has built schools moulding PET plastic into a modular shape. The initiative is aimed at tackling the country’s shortage of classrooms. It’s an effort that has spread among many schools because these are encouraged to act, as well. Plastic bottles are collected through incentives as the project bases on the fundament that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, as Nelson Mandela once said. Visit the Bottle2Build site to learn more about them.

Tetrabrik school desks and chairs

In Costa Rica, one of their giant dairy producers, Dos Pinos, assumed the labor of installing and maintaining a recycling facility for Tetra Pack cartons.The company is able to give desks and chairs to schools. They also give a job to men in prison, who produce these desks. Used and cleaned cartons from milk, juice and other products are collected in recycling centers. These cartons are separated into its materials: paper, plastic and aluminum. The latter two are the ones used to create a new material through a pressing and baking process. This is a versatile resistant material that can be painted, nailed or screwed, resists moisture, won’t burn or twist. Read an paper’s article about Tetra Pack desks and chairs in Costa Rica.

Recycling has been able to help reduce the amount of waste we create. These stories are true actions that create change and help our Planet Earth. Read more about the importance of Recycling in Colorado and how you can contribute by buying reclaimed wood furniture.

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