Recycled Art Ideas for Kids

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Getting kids started on recycling by creating beautiful art and stimulating their craft skills can be super easy and fun! While you teach your children not to throw away everything we think doesn’t have more use, you are also planting a seed as this can turn into a green habit. It’s easier if we form our children with a caring and progressive mentality to diminish the damage we’ve done to our planet. We can help give future generations a better place to live. To contribute to our planet and stimulate our kids creativeness, today we share with you some ideas to create art with recycled materials.

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Materials to use in Projects for Recycled Art

Aluminum Cans _33T9732

Cans are easily found in the kitchen and at any home. There are many projects to work on with soda cans, cans from canned food and other aluminum made items. For any project you work on with cans, remember to cut out any sharp corners and to avoid touching the open cut out part. One of the easiest, and useful, things to create is a pencil/pen organizer. Simply decorate and color the can as you wish, and use it as a container at home or the office. By filling in cans with beans or any other small materials and sealing, you can create a rattle toy for babies. Empty cans can also be used for a bowling game set. You can also cut out pieces of aluminum to make coasters or for a decorative hanging mobile.

Carton tubes

Short, from toilet paper, or long tubes from the kitchen paper towels can be great sources to make fun and useful things. Short tubes can be turned into a fun snake, napkin rings, candy holders or create an entire family of your kids’ favorite characters, like the Ninja Turtles. Long tubes can be used to create a rain stick filled with beans or any other noise-making materials, like dry seeds. Turn your long tube into a lovely giraffe or a dinosaur. A useful project is to turn your long tube into a decorated art saver, so your kids can roll and store all their art work in it.

Egg carton

Another item easily found in our kitchens, egg cartons have a great potential to become great pieces of art or to be repurposed. A whole egg carton can be used as a seedling pot or a bus for toys. You can also cut out the divisions of the egg separators and use the individual containers. You can use these to create a lobster, a caterpillar, ladybugs and other animals, a carton wreath, and more. These also make great gifts for storage. Paint it and decorate it as you want to store marbles, and other small toys, or to give to mom or a lady to store her jewelry.

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There are many online tutorials that can guide you in the creation of some of these recycled art projects. Get your children involved in living a greener life by making better choices. Read more about the Importance of Recycling in Colorado or how you can reclaim some foods in your kitchen to give them a different purpose.