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A single chair has the ability of transforming a room!

I do not know what it is about chairs, I have always been drawn to chairs. Chairs show their age and do it well, we might not think about it but we use our chairs a whole lot. And all this use and abuse, leave chairs with scrapes and scars that give them uniqueness and personality.

I once went camping with some friends and I was the only one who did not take a chair with him. OMG, you do not know how much you use a chair, until you have nowhere to sit!! I am going to share with you a picture of a new chair I got. It is a chair made out of an old car seat, reclaimed wood and driftwood! I found it on the porch of a humble beach house in Costa Rica and begged the owner to sell it to me! I will tell you more about it one day.


 The Beauty of a reclaimed chair…

That is what I love about Revampt’s Upcycled and Reclaimed chairs. They are made with materials that have been around for a while and already show some battle scars from their previous life, but have been made into something new. You get the best of both worlds, you buy a new chair but with the look and feel of a chair that has been “around the block” :-D


Bourbon Chair

unique chair


Revampt’s reclaimed home furnishings

Daniel Louis decided to take a different approach to the green revolution. Instead of focusing broadly on the ever increasing number of “eco-friendly” products,  Daniel has chosen to focus on products made from resources already in existence.

Our reclaimed home furnishings are individually selected for their utility, creativity, and unique re-purposed nature.

Our incredible home products are fabricated from the most unsuspecting raw materials; bicycle wheels, sails, tires, dilapidated machinery, and more. Please check back soon for more details as we continue to hand pick these one-of-a-kind reclaimed goods!