Reclaimed. Recycled. Repurposed.

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Stump tableshelf Revampt

Reclaimed, recycled and repurposed. This is the nature of what we do. Revampt Goods, located in Cherry Creek, just minutes from downtown Denver, is home to products fabricated from the most surprising elements! Today we give you a taste of what we carry, and the difference between recycled, reclaimed and repurposed furniture!


To reclaim furniture is to retrieve what one considers to be waste and return value to it. To bring waste under cultivation is to reclaim a piece. Many of our pieces are made with reclaimed wood. Our reclaimed shelving unit is made with recycled steel and reclaimed douglas fir. Our reclaimed wood table is made from reclaimed oak and can be made into custom sizes!

Coffee bean bag RevamptRecycled.

To recycle is to use again, maybe in a different form, but for the lifespan to be extended for use. For instance, our recycled burlap bags are made from coffee bean sacks. The sacks would originally have been thrown away as their original purpose was reached. We have extended the lifespan by turning them into useful bags which can be used over and over. Our Recycled Cotton Throws are another example of recycled goods! Our cotton throws are made from wasted cotton bound for the dumpster. The threads are sorted by color and re-made into various patterns and colors!

Repurposed.Clock record

Repurposing is taking a product that was intended for use one way and repurposing the item for another use. Our repurposed Vinyl Clock is a prime example! We took a vinyl record and transformed it into a useable clock. Dog collars from old neckties are another way to use one item for another purpose. See what you can repurpose at home!

 Come See What’s New at Revampt Goods To Inspire You To Recycle, Reclaim and Repurpose!

Revampt sells sensible, utilitarian, and affordable home furnishings made from recycled materials. Everything in this store had a previous life and has been given new utility. Our incredible home products are fabricated from the most unsuspecting raw materials; bicycle wheels, sails, tires, dilapidated machinery, and more. Check back soon for more details as we continue to hand pick these one-of-a-kind reclaimed goods!