Reclaimed Furniture for Eco-Conscious Consumers

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Protecting the planet is up to all of us

Sustainable furniture in Denver

We repurposed an old car hood and made this unique, sustainable coffee table.

Now that our president is trying to do away with the EPA and roll back environmental regulations, it is more important than ever for every citizen to become a responsible consumer. It is up to the people to ensure that we look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint in every aspect of our lives, even when it comes to interior design. Buying furniture, accessories, and home decor from Revampt will ensure that everything you buy is putting sustainability and the planet front and center.

Being a responsible consumer

When you shop responsibly, you are holding corporations accountable for their practices, whether it’s fair, safe, and humane treatment of their workers or a commitment to sustainable practices.

Know the chain of command

Before you buy anything, from food to furniture, make sure you research the chain of command of your product. The product may end up in a store you think you trust, but it could have originated in a place that is unsafe for workers – or even worse, from a place that utilizes child labor. Most big corporations will outsource their labor, so before you buy from a big name store, make sure you know to whom they are outsourcing their labor.

Buy local products

Reclaimed furniture and accessories

Decorate your home with sustainable products.

When you shop at local shops, you are more likely to get a product that is also locally sourced and produced. When you go furniture shopping, look for boutique shops that offer sustainable products. Buying locally-made products will automatically reduce the carbon footprint.

Buy products made from reclaimed materials

Thankfully, many companies and corporations are recognizing the importance and benefits of being environmentally conscious. We’ve been sourcing materials from the planet for centuries, so there’s no reason to continue to go back for more. At Revampt, all of our furniture and accessories are made from reclaimed materials.

Decorate your home with sustainable and responsible furniture and accessories

Revampt is dedicated to protecting our planet while still giving our customers a quality product that is unique to their style. Our furniture is made from reclaimed materials, so no two items are alike.

Enhance the interior of your home with sustainable, unique, and trendy designs.