Protect Birds and Marine Life by Drinking Beer

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Great news, beer lovers! Now you can drink beer and save the planet at the same time. All it took was a small brewery with a mission and a 3D printer. This is upcycling at it’s finest.

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The plastic six-pack holder is threatening our land, sea, and animals.

Plastic six-pack holders are killing marine life

For decades, we’ve been taught the dangers of plastic six-pack holders. We’ve diligently cut each ring every time we drank a six-pack – either of soda or beer – and then we’ve tossed the cans and the plastic in the recycling bin. Unfortunately, not everyone did this, and a disturbing amount of plastic six-pack holders ended up in landfills, in parks, or in the ocean where they pose a serious threat to marine life and land animals.

Save a turtle, drink a beer

Now, a Florida-based brewery, Saltwater Brewery, has come up with the brilliant and long overdue idea of creating an edible six-pack holder. There are so many great things with this holder we almost can contain ourselves (no pun intended.)

First: leftover wheat and barley from the brewing process is used to create the holder, reducing waste

Second: the six-pack holder is completely digestible, feeding the animals instead of killing them

Third: if the animals don’t feel like a wheat and barley snack, the holder is fully biodegradable

The first edible six-pack holder

The company used a 3D printer to make the six-pack holder. Although it is going to be a little more expensive, it’s totally worth it in the long run. Wouldn’t you pay a little extra for such a big impact? We would! 

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