Planting Season is here!

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It’s time to get your plants in the ground, and Revampt has all the tools you need! Don’t have a place to plant your Vegetables? Don’t worry Revampt can get you started with our pine beetle kill modular garden beds. They come in standard sizes, but you can create anything imaginable as long as it is in two foot increments, for example this unique shape in a customers front yard! Wow, you can plant a lot of stuff in that space, and since it is raised your planting season is lengthened.


By the time your neighbor returns from the hardware store with lumber, rebar, a saw, drill, drill bits, a hammer, your garden will already be set up hassle free! The beauty of these modular beds is how easy a stress free they are, it like legos for adults.  The kit comes with the beetle kill pine, stakes, weed tarp, so all you need is your hammer!

planting scheme