Organize Your Office With These Four Easy Tips!

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mahogany unitWhether at home or in the office, our workspaces are prone to clutter. But you can easily de-clutter and organize your workspace for an efficient office! Boost your productivity with these four tips for a DIY organization make-over repurposing common household items. Revampt Goods shows you how!

1. De-Clutter your Desk

One of the most annoying things about office organization is paper. You have more paper coming at you throughout the day than you have time to file it away. One solution is to have a wall pocket hung above the desk or on the door, or another filing system on the floor close to the desk. Kitchen wire baskets can be repurposed for this to file papers in while hanging on the wall!

drawer with a lot of personal items piled up in disarray

2. Organize Your Drawers

Stylish workplace opsEven if no one sees it, organize it. The purpose is to have a clean space, inside and out to help create a sense of order, which leads to efficient productive work habits. Muffin tins can be used inside desk drawers to help separate small office supplies.  Get creative, utilize items around the house to store desk accessories in.

3. Create Zones In Your Office and On Desk

Instead of everything piling up without rhyme or reason, separate areas within your office or on your desk which are dedicated for certain purposes. If you have priority projects or papers, put them in one area or file. For long term projects or storage, place in another file or area of the room. Magazine holders are excellent ways to utilize storage space for specific purposes.

4. Spend 5 Minutes a Day Filing

The papers can pile up when there isn’t a designated time to file them. If you just spend 5 minutes a day filing, you can drastically cut down on the stack of papers. If you have an extra hour a week, spend it filing! This is how you will maintain a clean and orderly office!

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