New Year’s Resolution: Recycle More

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With a new year waiting around the corner, it’s time to make our new year’s resolutions list. Living a greener life and wanting to contribute by living a conscious life will definitely make a change. Even one person’s action makes a difference. At Revampt Goods, we care about our Planet and our action is to make sure we reuse available materials before creating more unnecessary waste. Commit today and start making the change that will benefit us all. Let’s see how Recycling can bring that change into our lives and to our Planet Earth.

recycling tips for the kitchen

Why and how to recycle

Colorado is known for its abundant nature and animal wildlife. One of the things it is not known for is for being Recycling leaders in the country. In the past, less than half of the counties in Colorado had recycling facilities and collectors available for the citizens. Recent efforts are trying to change this to encourage people to recycle more now than ever. Read more about the importance of recycling in Colorado and find your nearest Recycling Center.

Recycle with your family and in every room of the house

Kids follow by example, no doubt about that. When raising our kids to be more conscious and aware of their actions, it’s important we start from little. It can be done with the smallest things, like playing around with “waste” so we reuse it to come up with beautiful creative art. You will find many materials in your house that can be recycled like aluminum cans, carton tubes, egg cartons, etc. Read about ways to use recycled materials and how to turn them into imaginative and fun-to-make things by your children.

tips on teaching kids to recycle

Your kitchen is a great place to start recycling today. There are many things we’re used to throwing away before giving them a second chance. Learn how you can recycle in the kitchen and check a list of items you must recycle.

creative reuse of plastic bottles                             plastic bottle BIRD FEEDER

Make your new year’s resolutions different and include things that will contribute to our Planet. Read more on how recycling can revolutionize lives and how even nature recycles with these animals that give raw materials a second chance.