Make Your Own Wood Walls From Reclaimed Pallets!

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DIY Pallet Walls With Revampt Goods

Sometimes a room just needs a little something you can’t put your finger on. The pallet wall is an inexpensive and trendy way to add instant warmth to a room. Revampt Goods shows a project that can be completed in a weekend and brings an element of rustic charm or industrial warmth to your room. If you love the look of reclaimed wood, and love projects this DIY is for you!

Step One

The pallet wall begins with the hunt for pallets. Newer pallets will be easier to work with than ones that are already falling apart. As a general rule of thumb, a 11×8 foot wall requires approximately 17 pallets.

Step Two

Disassemble the slats from pallets and remove nails. The time-consuming part of this takes place at the beginning of the project. The slats must be stripped and sanded. Take heart because once this is completed, the hardest part is finished!

Step Three

Adhere thin pieces of plywood to the wall with wood screws attaching the screws directly into the studs.

Step Four

Place the first pallet slat at the top, in the center of the wall. Using a drill, screw each end of the slats to the wall with two to three screws. Repeat this process, working from the center out, staggering the pieces of wood, so the ends don’t line up.

Variations of the Pallet Wall

Up close and personal with a lil walnut table top!

Once you decide on a wood wall, there are several variations of which to choose. The horizontal wood wall is the most commonly used, with instructions above. Another option would be to create a chevron pattern with the wood. This requires more cutting off the edges and laying out beforehand, but the results are stunning!

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