Learn How To Refinish Your Own Furniture!

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Revampt Goods recycles, refinishes and reclaims that which some would call trash.  What is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!  Our store is filled with unique treasures, making this a one of a kind furniture boutique in Denver.  Learn how to refinish an old piece of furniture yourself in today’s post.  Turn something old into something new this weekend!  You will be amazed at what a little paint can do for you!

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Refinish Without Stripping

Stripping a piece down to its original wood is a time consuming task.  Sometimes the results are not what you expected.   Try this simple way of refinishing without stripping, making it easier on yourself!

Wipe on Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits temporarily saturates the finish to reveal how it will look when stripped.  It will not harm the finish, so don’t worry!  If you like the condition of the wood, then all you have to do is clean the surface and brush on an oil based finish.  If the condition of the wood is bad, then continue with the rest of the steps below!

Wash with Soap and Water

Gently scrub the furniture with soap and water to remove dirt and grime.  Let dry.  This process alone will often restore the original luster.  Most people don’t know that it is ok to wash with warm soapy water!  Use a sponge, and gently scrub the surface.  When you finish the scrubbing, wipe down with wrung out sponge with fresh water only.  Dry with a towel.

Remove Rings

You know those white rings or water marks in wood furniture that can drive you batty?  It doesn’t take much to get rid of them!  First, slather the ring with petroleum jelly and let sit overnight.  The oil from the jelly will penetrate and remove the ring or make it less visible.  If this process doesn’t work, try a White Ring Remover found at a local hardware store.

Lightly Sand

Sand carefully, to avoid removing the finish.  This will smooth out the surface.  Be sure to use a fine grain of sandpaper, and only sand in the direction of the grain of wood.

Apply Gel Stain or Paint a Fun Colorreclaimed boat wood

Gel stain is the easiest stain to utilize.  It is thick enough to act like paint, yet can be wiped off with a rag dipped in mineral spirits if it is too heavy or you put too much on.  Gel stain is easily forgivable- a perfect medium for the beginner!  You will be amazed at what a coat of stain can do to restore an ‘old’ piece of furniture, making it look brand new!  If you want to change the look of the piece entirely, apply a coat of paint.  White high gloss for a modern sleek look, or flat black or white for a more rustic piece.

Mid-century modern inspired credenzaApply Wipe On Finish

The final step is to wipe on a coat of finish.  This will restore the sheen and protect the surface.  Any wipe on poly will work.  One coat is typically all you need.  Just dip a clean rag into the finish.  Apply it in a swirling motion like you are waxing your car.  Wipe off excess finish, going in the direction of the grain.  Let dry overnight.

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