Keep warm in winter and don’t spend so much money

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During winter, electricity and gas bills sky-rocket. It’s normal, people are cold and indoor heaters and fireplaces are turned on. Unfortunately, this practice is not environment-friendly and always ends up affecting your pocket. Resource misuse and high-energy consumption are global issues that concern us all. Using energy-efficient strategies can help you save money in the long run and contribute to the environment. Even though at first it may seem like a pricey inversion, following these tips will help you reduce your bills at home and the office. Today, we share with you some ways in which you can make your home warm while being energy-efficient.

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Tips to keep warm while being more energy-efficient

  • The materials your house is made can affect drastically. Use double or triple window glaze units that contain low-emissivity glass to reduce heat loss. Some types of low-emissivity glass also reflect interior heat back into your house. Using this kind of glass will also help to reduce your monthly bills and decrease your carbon footprint.
  • Make sure you open up the curtains and blinds during the day, so the Sun comes in and warms up your house. At night, close everything to insulate better your home.
  • Use tin foil or aluminum around your radiator and heaters so that heat is reflected back and it’s not lost on the walls.
  • Use electric blankets to heat up your bed instead of turning up the heat for the entire house. You can even heat up your bed using a hot water bottle with a wool cover. Rice bags also do the trick.
  • Get thick curtains or with thermal lining that are relatively inexpensive. You can add yourself a cheap fleece or get PVC shower curtains that will add a layer of protection.Modern Living Room decor

Contributing to the environment by acting more consciously and taking actions is everyone’s responsibility. There are better ways to live our lives. Read more about ways in which you can start recycling at home and why is it so important to recycle in Colorado.